What is RNA interference?

Posted on: January 14, 2006

This is first in series of mini-commentaries that I hope will provide background and context to the importance some of the major discoveries that I have posted.

This week’s feature is RNA interference (RNAi). There is a great mini-tutorial about RNAi at PBS Nova site. The the wiki on RNAi is also useful for providing simple background.

RNAi is arguably the most important molecular biology discovery of the last decade and was declared breakthrough of the year by Science magazine in 2002. This technology has the potential to transform medicine but providing us the tool to regulate expression of genes. RNAi mediated treatments may also become the next big thing in biotech.

I recently reported about the structure of the key RNAi component, Dicer protein. This story revealed new insight into the intricate mechanism of RNAi. Several other discoveries posted here also involved RNAi.

2 Responses to "What is RNA interference?"

I look forward to the commentaries. I completely agree that RNAi is probably the single most important breakthrough of the last decade, and of all recent developments, probably has the most near-term promise.

Speaking of RNAi, this showed up in my RSS reader today…

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