Drinking milk helps gain muscle and lose fat after exercise

Posted on: August 9, 2007

Part of an ongoing study into the impact of drinking milk after heavy weightlifting has found that milk helps exercisers burn more fat.

The study by researchers at McMaster University and published today in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was conducted by the Department of Kinesiology’s Exercise Metabolism Research Group, lead by Stuart Phillips.

The researchers took three groups of young men 18 to 30 years of age – 56 in total – and put them through a rigorous, five-day-per-week weightlifting program over a 12-week period. Following their workouts, study participants drank either two cups of skim milk, a soy beverage with equivalent amounts of protein and energy, or a carbohydrate beverage with an equivalent amount of energy, which was roughly the same as drinking 600 to 700 milliliters of a typical sports drink.

Upon the study’s conclusion, researchers found that the milk drinking group had lost nearly twice as much fat – two pounds – while the carbohydrate beverage group lost one pound of fat. Those drinking soy lost no fat. At the same time, the gain in muscle was much greater among the milk drinkers than either the soy or carbohydrate beverage study participants.

“The loss of fat mass, while expected, was much larger than we thought it would be,” says Phillips, associate professor of kinesiology at McMaster. “I think the practical implications of these results are obvious: if you want to gain muscle and lose fat as a result of working out, drink milk.”

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As reported in the first phase of the study, the milk drinking group came out on top in terms of muscle gain with an estimated 40 per cent or 2.5 pounds more muscle mass than the soy beverage drinkers. In addition, this group gained 63 per cent or 3.3 pounds, more muscle mass than the carbohydrate beverage drinkers.

“I think the evidence is beginning to mount,” says Phillips. “Milk may be best known for its calcium content in supporting bone health, but our research, and that of others, continually supports milk’s ability to aid in muscle growth and also promote body fat loss. To my mind – with milk being a source of nine essential nutrients – it’s a no brainer: milk is the ideal post-workout drink for recreational exercisers and athletes alike.”

Link to scientific article abstract:

Source:  McMaster University

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I’d like to see organic vs. grass fed vs industrial dairy milk comparisons.

The milk they had is probably the stuff with steroids given to the cows for increased milk production that go directly to the milk and the muscle guys.

Editor: do you have scientific evidence that there are steroids in the cow milk? Please back up your comments with science, thanks.

Would also like to see these figures if at all possible.

I have noticed though ( maybe a bit off the subject here ) when I went to secondary school way back then, that our seniors were all very tall compared to the teachers. Especially the male teachers VS the boys…

Then, the year group the followed them where all a bit shorter, and the year group following them also a bit shorter and less masculine.

I was wondering if perhaps it has anything to do with the food we consume? Maybe there was something on the market when they were born and it was removed for some or the other reason, I don’t know.

And I have noticed this not just in our school but a couple of schools since we moved around quite a lot…

judy, the difference you saw could be due to the fact that before a certain point in time people ate more whole foods such as whole milk or butter instead of skim milk and margerine which contain none of the good saturated fats which stabalize insulin levels and provide all sorts of other healthy benefits when compared to fake butters and foods that are full of hydrogenated oils and trans fats and all sorts of other chemicals i think it could be very possible that in our quest to be healthier we as people begaun substituting things for saturated fats which our bodies actually need but the things we substituted were things that have no busness being in our bodies in the first place which could account for the difference you observed also for the growing ammount of obesity in children and young adults especially in the united ststes but then again, i don’t know nothing just guessing

Good comment, but consider using punctuation.

if what i read is true, i think i may try it in my daily workouts for now on.

[…] Sure it works, if you’re a twentysomething weight-training guy… Just what we need, on top of all the promotional hoopla from the milk industry about milk helping weight loss: Milk apparently aids in fat-burning and muscle-building. […]

i can agree that this is true, as a sufferer of lactose intolerancy

I just started drinking organic milk, and I’m lactose intolerance, as well. I have noticed a difference with my system. No stomach cramp with organic milk.

Is it just me, or did anyone think of possible hormonal effects? I’d hate to see growth hormones in milk creating this kind of effect.

And yes, I know that technically rBST doesn’t change milk detectably. Still… Makes me wonder.

hmmm i may start drinking milk after working out

Isn’t it interesting that humans are the only species that continue to drink milk well after they get weaned? It is basically an elixir, filled with nutrients and plenty of growth hormones meant to make baby calves grow and develop. Then the farmers give the cows even more growth hormones, which end up in the milk. That doesn’t just affect your muscles and fat burning. Why do you think girls are getting their periods at younger and younger years. You used to get them at 15-16, now they start at 11-12. I doubt it’s the vitamins.

Excuse me but I think what you are describe is call late boomers, milk is not the cause for body abnormality and so on. Please get your facts straight…

The PROB comment is full of pseudoscientific bullshit.

Justin: They’re not convinced that rBGH is really a problem in conventional milk; however, it seems to increase the level of insulin-like growth factor (IGF), which *may* be a problem.

That said, this isn’t news. Weight-trainers in the know have been using whey protein for years–decades now, really. Whey has one of the, if not THE highest bioavailability of any protein supplement, especially if you take it right after a workout.

Incidentally, whey protein powder has no lactose in it, so lactose-intolerant folks should be able to use it. Also, because there is no lactose, low-carbers like me can use it not only to supplement exercise but also as a baking ingredient. This should not be a problem in terms of fat-burning and muscle gain because they showed in this study that carbohydrates by themselves don’t do squat for muscle gain or fat loss–which completely does not surprise me, given what I’ve read in the LC literature–so I think it’s safe to say you can leave the lactose out.

Good article.

This isn’t anything new; milk contains the protein casein; protein is known most basically as a structure that is used in the formulation or repair of new muscular tissue. If this had been posted 70 years ago, maybe i’d be more impressed.

They compared milk to another drink with the same amount of proteins and it didn’t work as well so the simple presence of protein must not be the cause of the effects seen.

I would also like to see this study done comparing regular commercial milk, organic milk, and grass fed milk. It has long been suspected that CLA (conjugated linolenic acid) may be the substance in milk responsible for helping convert nutrition to lean muscle mass. But the amounts of CLA in commercial, organic, and grass fed milk are not the same (generally better in grass fed milk or cows fed feed with soy and other grains not typically fed to commercial dairy cows). It is typical of a conventional scientific study to ignore these differences and assume that commercial milk is equivalent to all milk.

Since CLA is found in the fat in milk, the weight loss effect found in this study may also be (paradoxically for many) stronger in higher fat content milk. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that only high fat content dairy products had a weight loss benefit. The study above uses skim milk and ignore the possible greater benefits of whole milk and cheese. See:

I wonder if this will be adopted as energy drinks.

[…] Drinking milk helps gain muscle and lose fat after exercise Part of an ongoing study into the impact of drinking milk after heavy weightlifting has found that milk helps […] […]

i drink milk all day long i lost 13lbs and now have 12and1/2inch arms there is a big change in my chest and my back i work out all the time too.

what do you mean you have 12 and 1/2 inch arms….your basicly saying milk promotes bone loss.

think he means 12.5inch arms

Moo-ve over Gatorade!

what about other variables that is related to the participant like their food, place to sleep and other condition? is it being controlled as well?

Look at the a milk ad, see her mustache glued above the smile?
Milk is like glue.

And because milk acts like glue, your intestines will soon get heavy with gunk and you get a belly like Santa.

He drinks a lot of milk— just a coincidence most likely.

So this is a counter productive study. Someone hasn’t done their homework.

Depends on what kind of milk you drink. I drink skim milk after every work out and i have done nothing but lose fat and gain muscle. Your statement is false.

Whole milk is loaded with saturated fat, (unwanted fat) vs skim milk where there is no fat. Think about it, if your only getting the nutrient and protein without the saturated fat, you wouldn’t get Santa’s Belly. I never drank milk for more than 27 years, but the moment I started, I lost 20 lbs and gain definition in my abs and arms. These were places I never saw definition though I’ve worked out for over 10 years. I’ve been drinking skim milk for only 60 days and if can do this much in a short pd of time, imagine the benefit if I continue my whole life. PS. I drink both organic and non organic. No difference beside flavor. I’ve broken both products down in my Chemistry lab already. Same shit

milk after exercise … interesting … i think i’ll give it a try …

[…] in Uncategorized at 1:53 pm by satsumasalad This article talks about a small study which found that drinking milk after working out promoted muscle gain and […]

I read your post the other day, and then yesterday after going to the gym, I went to the market and bought some milk and I drank it right then and there. I hope I’m already looking more svelte.

Re: John~I can’t remember where I heard the “recipe” used for those milk mustaches, but it’s not actually plain milk they are drinking! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Don’t listen to John. He doesn’t believe a scientific study but he believes in Santa!

I agree with jayfish- I would like to know the difference between regular milk and organic milk for purposes of this test. Either way I can’t wait to tell my wife about this since I love milk so much….now I can say I am just trying to lose weight!

“Editor: do you have scientific evidence that there are steroids in the cow milk? Please back up your comments with science, thanks.”

We live in a world where a TV network chooses a country’s president, and you want someone posting a comment to your wordpress blog to vet their opinion with empirical studies?


I don’t like milk at all, can I drink water after exercises.

This is a great post and wonderful research. I have opted to use milk for my post workout whey protein shakes to enhance the muscle building and fat burning effects of the protein powder for a while now, and though I obviously don’t have a scientific study to back my claim up, anecdotally, “milk does a body good!”

I find that milk creates a great deal of flem for me, and causes my body to gain weight. I have found other foods that are more effective in helping me burn fat and lose weight.

My wife started reading a book on foods and how they interact with a persons blood type. I’m note sure milk is digested the same way for everyone. I plan on reading the book to see if I’m eating the right things for my blood type, and to see how my fat loss efforts are afffected by following those recommendations.

Milk does create flem and mucus and isn’t good for athletes.

I would be wary of that blood-type diet. It isn’t based on real science and is full of speculation. My doctor told me that out of all the questionable diets out there this one is the worst. It is pseudo science for sure.

Milk does create flem and mucus and isn’t good for athletes.
I would be wary of that blood-type diet. It isn’t based on real science and is full of speculation. My doctor told me that out of all the questionable diets out there this one is the worst. It is pseudo science for sure.

I would like to add something:

The chronic postexercise consumption of milk promotes greater hypertrophy during the early stages of resistance training in novice weightlifters when compared with isoenergetic soy or carbohydrate consumption.

hey i love your articles :)

While doctors, your family, and/or your friends may tell you that you
need to lose weight, the one person that is the most important in your
decision to follow through is YOU. YOU must want to lose the weight for
yourself – FIRST!

thanks for bringing these ppl down

Drinking milk helps gain muscle and lose fat after exercise
its really good info, thanks

Milk, Pwns. Seriously. I drink about three to four liters a day. Cheap, and fills you up, helps do all this crazy stuff like make you drowzy (I doubt it’s from the melatonin production based off of the protein found in the milk though)but I do think that’ because you’re just filled up on milk. It tastes awesome, goes good with almost anything, and I do think that it fairs much better than sports drinks or carbohydrate/protein drinks. Listen to this, Milk, per 100ml, has 3.5g of protien. 1 liter cartons. 35g’s protien, and just about all your daily value for Vitamin D, Riboflavin, B12, calcium and iodine. Just drink a liter of %(!”#)# milk guys. Your dick will also get bigger, scientifically proven. By me.

awesome, will do it for the bigger dick. the bigger muscle mass is just a benefit :)

Hi , thanks 4 this post. It opens some new ways of looking to muscle building and fitness in general. it is just very sad when people are not open for learning new ways and tactics. problem is people are getting confused and even negative about weight lifting when those people start teaching others and preaching their “visions” . it is therefore important to have places like you have here . I wish you best results !

I agree with anonymous. if this was published like 80 years ago, i would be kind of excited……….where have you all been, in a cave.

I think it’s al relative..

Just curious, does anyone know if the ethnicity was all the same? Because if it wasn’t, that could also have been something that would have changed the outcome.

People of different backrounds will lose more weight/gain more muscle faster, than others. I’m not being racist or anything, its just genetically people who’s ancestry originated from africa is a lot better when it comes to physical development and such.

Of course, the amount of work is also important. But what I’m saying is, people ARE NOT equal.

The story on fat loss “research” supposedly conducted by McMaster Univerity is no more than an attempt to support cow milk drinking by adult humans. A valid study woulod be double blind and sate so in the article. Anythi9ng less is simply not credible. Drink milk if you like but don’t lie to me.

[…] This information comes to us from the blog Biosingularity. […]

I just noticed someones post above about Organic Vs Regular milk. My bf and his dad both developed an intolerance to milk in the mid 90’s. For the past 15 years they have been drinking Lactose Free Milk. We did a little test this past week to see how they would react to organic milk…NEITHER of them felt ill or had to go to the washroom after drinking it. There were no side effects to the organic milk at all! Its amazing what a difference it makes when our foods are pumped with hormones and preservatives! Has anyone else tried organic over regular and lactose free milk?

The research was done with skim milk, don’t just go around drinking whole milk expecting to lose weight.

Hi. Just wanted to say that I believe that 1% and skim milk does help lose body fat and gain. My entire life I have been drinking mostly skim milk, and sometimes 1%. Also my entire life I have been able to eat as much of any food as I want and consistently at the 200 lb range. I have, however, start to limit my fat and carb intake. In a 2 month period I have lost a total of 19 pounds, with only limited exercise, not including cardio. Also if anyone has comments on this, the relation between drinking fair amounts of milk and increased risk of Prostate cancer, bulls**t or no????? Lastly, being a man of science, any research I have done has been on my own body. With that said, never, Never, NEVER, ever take someones word for it. Always do your own research, with your own 2 hands.

I was at Indiana University during the time they did the first studies on chocolate milk as post-exercise drink.

It’s certainly cheap and readily available. While it’s a good source of protein and simple carbs, I tend to think some of the designer post-workout shakes are better.

But it’s certainly better than nothing!

Train Hard,
Tony Schwartz

it is EASY to obtain milk that does not have RBST in it, these comments are just assanine vegan dogma. save the animals — eat a vegan. anyway, there is hormone free and/or organic milk available in every sizable town in the whole country, give me a break.

this is a very interesting study — the bigger question to me is the digestibility of pasteurized milk. i have never tried skim milk though, i may experiment with this, it is hard to argue against using such a cheap and easy source of recovery if it works. in general i have found milk to be difficult to digest unless it’s raw — perhaps after exercise is a different story? i will def try the organic milk after seeing patricia’s comment.

This is very inspiring post and place you have here. I know that all those who are serious about muscle mass building and even about the general fitness only , in deed need all as much genuine and usefull real life informations and guidelines in order to advance fast. Steel things are not allways flat and just the same 4all…. We nned at least few options / diet plans approaches in order to come to the best one 4 each of us. I had troubles to gain muscle before getting to 84 weeks meal fast gain plan . Anyhow this is very importannt peace of information you have here, I hope people will use it too.

Sasha James

Sweet great Weight training write up!

Very impressive that this blog is syndicated through Google and is it something that is just up to Google or you actively created?

Yumm. Nothing tastier than an ice cold glass of milk. Your Blog is chock full of great information and thanks.

Your readers might also like to know that I have created a Blog to follow all the latest news on the new exercise pill that is being discussed by science.

I have no idea if it will work or not, but I promise to keep up with the latest skinny.


I always drink milk after working out with my protein shakes because I can’t stand that stuff mixed with water. So.. two birds with one stone!

Hm, I’ve never heard that before, I’ll try it out sometime.

That’s interesting… I’ve been following a program for the last 6 months with a lot success, however it never mentioned this, I’ll have to give it a try.


I agree were those cows tested for hormones or steroids? and when you’re in your 18-30 years you’re still growing naturally, i don’t trust that study!

It’s been well known for years that drinking milk is a good thing as part of a muscle gaining diet, what i find interesting in this article is the comparison between soya and particularly the benefits over carbohydrate drinks which are also common.

Looks like milk is certainly something that people should be drinking after their workout rather than just anytime.

Mike Thompson

Just as drinking milk even taking 3 to 5 boiled eggs after heavy weight lifting would help excercisers to promote muscle growth.

I have to be completely honest, you do make some really good suggestions in your post about drinking milk.

In the same light, I never used to like the elliptical fitness machine because I thought it was an obsolete piece of machinery, but I’ve since changed my position on that way of thinking.

You see, I changed my mind because of a ridiculously simple way to melt fat off my body I recently came across, without doing much extra. I wrote a short blurb about it here: Hassle Free Fat Loss

To control the pain we must attend to the specialist because we can give him what is appropriate and what we need, for example I take hydrocodone, vicodin which is medicine used to counter the chronic pain that I have for years, but I rioja prescribing doctor, I take it in moderation because I read in findrxonline which is a medicine that causes anxiety, and we must control it as it can affect your nervous system, so do not take medicines without consultation because it really can be dangerous.

people here are discussing the importance of drinking low fat milk to promote muscle mass and weight loss….ever wondered that most of the estrogen from outside come from dairy products..

excess of everything is bad!…this study doesnt conclude that now you should go on drinking milk for you gains!!!

the more you have dairy products=more estrogen in your body=lowering testosterone(fr males) ,more fat=will store further more estrogen..!!!

milk is pretty good as my own experience but you should not overdose it!!!

Well this doesn’t feel like it’s anything new but it’s nice to have some concrete evidence that milk does help gain muscle. However, isn’t it better to drink water say with your protein shake after your workout to get your body to absorb it more quickly?

gee, I never really equated milk with muscle gain but I guess it is full of protein.. the only thing I’d be careful of is the fullfat stuff might pack on a bit more FAT than muscle which might make you LOOK more muscular but in fact you might only be getting fatter.
cheers to a great post. *raising my glass of milk to you! ha*

Thanks for getting the facts straight on milk. Do you have any suggestion for lactose intolerant lifters?

Yes it may help you gain muscle, but regular pasteurized milk contains a lot of nasty stuff too you definitely should avoid putting into your body.

Really enjoyed the read, thanks. I’m still working on losing weight, do you think I should take a look at any supplements as well?

I shan’t go into the science of this but it is all propaganda from a made up food group industry, the dairy lobby. If you study the diet of other primates, their main diet consists of 50% fruit and 45% greens(chlorophyll) and none of it will be cooked, pasteurized, microwaved and it will be fresh. This diet is the only and best food for proper human metabolic processes including muscle generation and there won’t be a need to get rid of excess fats because the human body will stop storing toxins from foods like milk, organic, pasteurized or not. Just the Truth, please… Oh, and check out Perhaps also check out Victoria Butenko, she is awake.

Thx, this has definitely made my day!


i dont milk can do gain mucsle, i will give it a try

Mostly likely because milk has a fair percentage of protein. Wondering why the researchers picked alternate beverages with such different nutrient compositions?

Good post, thanks!

Hi i really like your blog, i hope to see more great soon :)

I’m having doubts on this, and would most likely look into it more closely. Still, this is another way of looking at milk and thanks for sharing :)

I have always loved to drink mile mixed with egg white after heavy work outs. Now I know there may be more to this than just getting the protein.


Well, i think milk HELPS to build muscle, but not necessary is the end to all solution in nutrition for muscle training.

I allways drink milk after training, but do it in this way.

500ml milk
100 gram weight gainer

thats work for met, lots of carbs, lot of whey protien af lots on kasein, protein i think that the best PWO shake you can have.

Drinking milk after exercise make my muscle suffer. I don’t know why? but it may be any person get different reaction of drinking milk.

I believe that full fat milk may have an impact. I wouldn’t have believed that semi-skimmed would work so well…

and of course fresh natural milk straight from the cow would be the best in my mind. Good post you know it’s got me thinking.

After reading about the milk = belly fat loss connection about 4 months ago, I decided to increase my milk intake from 1/2 glass normal milk to 1 – 2 glasses of skim milk every day, especially straight after my light weight training and two 1 hour week walking sessions. If anything, I would be getting the rdi of calcium my body needs. My other eating habits did not change much in that 6 months – I try to stick to my BMR of 1400 calories. I have measured my belly for about 10 years, with extra intensity after every diet and new exercise regime and it rarely budged. Ditto for my thighs. Sometimes my belly size went down for a couple of weeks simply because I wasn’t eating much, but this wasn’t sustained. Now however, seemingly a miracle has happened. In the last couple of months my belly size has gone down about an inch. For many years it used to be about 104 – 106 cm, now its consistantly 99 – 100 cm. Has it gone down because of the extra mik I have been consuming ? I don’t know, but nothing else has changed. Do I enjoy drinking low fat milk ? No, sometimes I gag at the thought. Is it fat or muscle I have lost ? I don’t really know but I do ab crunches every other week. I will report back in another 6 months to let you know if my measurements shrink some more. I’d love to hear from other people who have actually tried consuming more low fat milk. There are plenty of sceptics around but at the end of the day, their comments don’t really produce any real results.

you should have your lean body mass measured as you continue this process. they actually have weight scales on the market that are fairly inexpensive that measure this fairly reliably these days.
I’m assuming you are a male but you don’t say. I wish they would do these studies on larger groups and include both men and women. It’s been long known, and well proven there major physiological differences. Why not design tests to include everyone?

Great point about milk. I love milk only if its grass fed and organic.I usually by it at Costco because I can afford it.
I also use a Paraslim every now and then with a healthy diet and it works crazy!

I used to drink lots of milk during my early age but now I can’t because I’m allergic to it. But for everyone else who can….now you know milk actually contributes to muscle :-)

You have some good advice and information about muscle building.It is just a shame that people will not listen to good advice and use the quick way to build muscles with drugs.

I really enjoyed reading through your article, there is quite a bit to digest here but it made for good reading and information gathering, I’ve always been interested in Health & Fitness which started at a very young age and my idol has been Jack Lalanne you can read about this remarkable man if you google him or go to wikipedia. anyway great information. Thanks Mark

ALL diets require more than just eating the right food, or taking the right pill. I had to boil it down to 7 habits for myself, and thought others could benefit from the things that I found in my weight loss journey.

There’s no harm in trying drinking milk after workouts. The important thing is that you lose weight. I’ll definitely tell my friends about this. Nice blog post. :)

really very good information. thank you, BTW what kind of milk can be consumed for optimal fat burning after a work out? whether whole milk, low-calorie milk, or instant milk?

Looks like a great idea to incorporate after workouts.

Hey, informative post. I’ve kind of overlooked the power of milk with regards to recovering from post workouts. After reading your post I’m definitely going to read up more about this. I think many people forget the basics when it comes to muscle building and fat loss. Thanks for the post.

Protein Supplements also help you loose bodyfat after exercice. the reason for this is your body uses carbohydrates stored in your body for protein synthesis. so it has to burn fat to build muscle

Interesting article. However, from a DOE point of reference, there is no mention of the metabolic category of the participants (mesomorphs, ectomorphs, etc.), no mention of physical condition at the time of the experiment, heritage, genetic disposition, etc.

All that is mentioned is the age group. And the statistical sampling size hardly rates as adequate to draw conclusions on such a grandiose scale.

hey, I’m a big believer in the power of skim milk for a variety of reasons, and don’t find the results all that unusual. My point is that, as a controlled experiment, there are a number of parameters not addressed (at least not in this article)


this works try it you’ll see improvement

I use a system where I do a high intensity workout for 20 minutes 2 to 3 times a week. Very doable. And instead of a weight loss diet, I eat nutrient rich foods that I like. I started feeling the effects within the first week. Good common sense and a focus on creating a healthy lifestyle goes a long way.

Good article about the milk. I think I could give it a try. I’m convinced that every health problem we encounter in life, there is a posible solution in nature.

Anyway, I found an excelent natural method for losing weight that has scientific support. No pills, just eat certain foods at specific times and keep eating what you like the most. It really works! You have to vary your calories and your food sources throughout the week with a special directed plan. What this does is that it increases your metabolism and your fat burning up to 3 times above normal! It is called ‘Every Other day Diet”

For anyone that reads this, please continue trying whatever you think is good for your health and I’m sure you will achieve your goal; don’t give up!

I had no idea that milk could actually help with muscle growth. Looks like I’ll have to start drinking milk after every workout

As with many scientific studies, there are too many missing facts in the study…for one thing, people need to realize that this is MEN. Men and women burn fat differently. Secondly, each person’s body is different; it doesn’t sound like this was taken into effect for this study.

Great article!! :-)

Drinking water will help to lose weight too.

Actually water is the number one most important thing to address when it comes to losing weight, because water actually increases your body’s ability to metabolize fat.

Loving your articles Snowcrash, you should update your blog more often!


This is a very interesting study. I have always known that milk has done its part in helping build muscle after workouts, but I would have never thought that it could help a person lose weight. This is great news for anyone who is looking for anything to aid them while they are trying the shed a few pounds.

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Just read the blog and had a thought. Aren`t we the only mammal that drinks the milk from another species? And isn`t the true purpose of milk to make the calf grow big and fat? Just a thought..

After a tough workout your muscles are starving for nutrients, preferrably easily digestable sources of protein and carbs. Milk can provide this just as whey protein can. Key word, being tough workout. If you go to the gym and don’t get a lot accomplished then down a load of chocolate milk, you’ll obviously be taking in more calories than you burn and will be at a calorie surplus….. Calcium promoting fat loss is an added, and interesting side note.


I know a personal trainer who told me exact the same thing. He told me that a person should drink 3 glasses of milk when working out. 1 before, 1 during and 1 after the workout for optimal muscle gain results. I tested it myself and got some pretty good results wiht it. Unfortunately not all people tolerate milk quite good. Best, Orli Canon

With the amount of Tea I drink, I should be size zero :-) Best Tori

What I know is that milk is also rich in protein like any other dairy products. So if you drink milk regularly, you are most likely to gain weight or muscle if you are working out. But I’m a little bit skeptical about the part where drinking milk after exercise will help you lose fat. What I do know is that exercise will help you lose fat.

Can I refer you to the great Ron Burgundy:


I think I’d feel the same after excercise !

Interesting study i have to admit

I never really thought of milk in that way. I’m glad I was able to find your site. Keep up the great work.

I totally agree with PROB.Dairy products are so unhealthy but it may help you build muscles.I would recommend to watch videos about diary products on I watched these videos I stopped taking dairy products (and aspartaam as well,the sugar replacement).

Sweet great Weight training write up
There’s no harm in trying drinking milk after workouts
I think full fat milk may have an impact.The semiskinned milk wont give as much results.

u wanna have protein for the synthesis not fats :)

This is a good post about how drinking milk helps build muscle and lose fat. It cetainly does it much better than cabohydrate drinks. Drinking a Gatorage or related beverage after a workout will replenish the electrolytes that are lost in a good hard workout. And that will help prevent muscle cramping.

Pasteurized milk is bad for you! Check out I now make my own non-pasteurized organic almond milk in my Blendtec blender. MmmmmMmmm

Great site. Thanks for the post.

Drinking milk really does help. For too long people have thought that the lose weight you need to eat less fat, but the opposite is true. Yes, there is more energy per gram in fat and protein, but if you limit sugar then your body burns more fat, and it does not care if the fat is from your diet or fat that is stored.

completely dissagree with this and am starting to realize that why the health industry suffers is much of health is fad and opion.

I had a hard time loosing weight for years and recently discovered that my problem was milk and dairy products had been holding me back this entire time. I believe thats probably true for 80% of the people out thier that are overweight, thier may be a few skinny guys with high metabolisms that can handle milk but for most of us its a fat producing food not a health food.

Hey I can attest to that, I even drink chocolate milk as it has no difference in calories than white. It even helps to drink 1L after a workout to prevent muscle aches the following day. All I know is that is works for me.

I might start looking into the milk issue. I always thought otherwise but this has a new meaning to me.

thanks for sharing

Is there any specifications of milk like: non- fat or skim?

I couldn’t agree more. It’s important for people to think about weight loss in terms of BOTH an eating plan and exercise. people thinking that they can take a few pills and lose weight will never find anything more than a temporary solution

To lose body fat you have to be careful about taking too many calories. The milk has calories. Drink 1 liter of milk per day is a good option for those who cannot buy a protein supplement and want to increase their muscles.

Well, it is a study… tested on a few participants (young men), who did a heavy workout routine. Theories evolving from studies like this one use to disappear or are going to be replaced by counter studies. What happens, if a similar test would be carried out with totally average men and women in a broader age range?

Bigger muscles are advantage this was published 80 years ago, I am very happy that you refreshed our memories.

Great article! I long ago incorporated milk into my body building routine. It has lots of protien and I like the taste; besides not only did my pediatrician push milk for healthy bones and body when I was growing up, my childrens peiatrician and our family doctor still encourage it. We have generations of healthy adults and children in our family so we must be doing something right.

I was never fat because I drink much milk since my childhood .

hello brother.. id like to visit this blog agian, very usefull

Milk contains good amount of protein and thus justifies takiing milk for muscle building. Awesome post. thanks.

LOL, Alvin!

Still like the article though…. :)

Just to clear some stuff about the organic milk.. if you are not getting a reaction from it it’s not because it is hormone and pesticide free. Milk contains lactose which is what you’re allergic to, not the hormones and pesticides. After age one we lose 60-67% of our ability to digest lactose because we no longer need our mother’s breast milk. Skim milk actually has no calcium benefit either because there isn’t enough fat to produce proper absorbtion. Think about it, the early puberty seen in girls and the so called “fat-loss” is because of the hormones pumped into the milk. Please consider the dairy industry has commercials on TV. They are selling us something we don’t need and is unhealthy, just like red bull advertises for it’s drink, so does the dairy industry. They just want money and people are happy to believe anything these days. Use your heads, we drink our mother’s milk to give us the largest growth spurt of our lives: 200% of out body weight gained in 12 months. We are the only species to drink another animals milk, and milk after birth. Cows are only used for milk because they have the highest production rate and can produce the amount made in a month in a day after given hormones, we could be drinking zebra milk for all that the dairy industry cares. Think about it guys, I’m sixteen and I did.

celery too is great for burning fats.

how if im fat..

Wow.. Really? Thank you, but what about before working out? Because I like milk but I’m starting to workout so I was wondering if I could drink milk without worrying about losing muscle or gaining fat.

-Chubby and Short 14 year old Boy

One thing to consider: all the hormones and proteins are broken down by the digestive system. And growth hormone IS a protein.

This article is ridiculous. What were the calorie counts of each different drink? I’m willing to bet that the skim milk had a significantly lower number of calories than the other drinks… most soy drinks and “typical sports drinks” contain a significant amount of sugar. Removing fat from the drink is completely beside the point. I’m also willing to bet that 56 is not a large enough sample size to conclude anything.

This is science?

I agree. It seems like they’re comparing milk against drinks that aren’t even used as workout recovery to try and make milk look better.

Just a comment about myself, I have for my whole LIFE had WHOLE MILK every single day. I HATE skim milk or any other type of altered milk and prefer milk to ANY OTHER drink.
I have NEVER been on a diet in my life, I have never had to. I am female and have an hour glass shape, great muscle tone, great skin and its NOT genetic. All my family are overweight. I am nearly fifty and I wouldnt walk to the letterbox to get the mail (means I hate exercise and even refused to participate when I was at school, even under threat of not receiving year passes!)
I NEVER touch oil. No olive oil, no salad dressings, wont cook with it, and I have NEVER had an ounce of fat on me (and yes I have been checked by doctors) Guys, type this is the search bar *search engine: “human body not meant to eat oil” and read some of the crap youve been told is actually causing your problems! It is POISON.
There are GOOD fats and BAD fats. A good fat is those found in Nuts and Avacados and MILK!
A cow (goat etc) is a perfect living thing, and milk is a perfect food, there is nothing that needs to be added or taken away from it. Nothing, the only reason companies drain out the cream is so they can charge you more for the process and call it skim milk, then they take the cream they removed and sell it to you as a separate product called cream, meaning they get four times the price for the base product.
Whole milk contains every single vitamin, mineral and nutrient a human needs in a single day. You could LIVE on it.
A mother cow does NOT feed toxin to its calf. The milk produced by the cow is from the grass it eats (or grains) but it is still ‘filtered’ by the cows body before it is produced. Any toxins in the cows food supply would be filtered by its body and sent to its own fat cells. It wouldnt make it into the milk.
So do some more research people.
Milk is the best thing you could include in your diet.
The worst thing you could include is OIL or SOY.
Read a bit about that!
Growth hormone in milk… H’mmm… it isnt passed through. Your own body makes your own growth hormone. It comes from glands in your own brain. You cant get a ‘dose’ from milk.

I love this! It drives me nuts when someone tells me to watch out when drinking milk because of all the hormones. If you do get hormones through milk, there would be little to no effect. People do digest foods differently but regardless how someone digests food everyone still needs good oils which milk is one food source that provides these kinds of oils. Granted if someone is lactose intolerant maybe milk isn’t such a good idea. The reason milk helps people lose weight is due to the low glycemic index levels produced by those good oils. so the 200 calories you would get from milk or the good oils your body has much more time to use it. Now with foods with a high glycemic index such as pastas and soda, 200 calories from these food your body would have roughly 30 minutes to use the energy before your body starts to store it as fat. I believe it is a misconception that people have that the fat in our body comes from fatty foods. The fat in our body is unused energy. Good oils is what our bodies need for proper hormone production anyways, so I say to those nut cases that are worried about those hormone fed to cows enjoy paying for your organic grass fed cow 1% milk and I’ll save my money and enjoy my tasty creamy whole milk and let my body produce the correct hormones the good fats. Whole milk is the best for you because you’re getting the good oils in your body that your body has time to use up before stored as fat. Granted if someone eats too many calories in one sitting regardless of how healthy the food is, is going to store some of it that energy as fat.

My brother suggested I might like this blog. He was entirely
right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

Where are my comments? Can’t believe this. Hello! I have saved your site because you have so nice posts here and I’d like to read some more^^

I noticed a 20 lb weight gain over 4 months that I had quit drinking milk, and it was NOT muscle gain! I think I subconsciously sought after carbs to satisfy my milk cravings. After reading this I am definitely going to the store to buy milk today!

If I drink milk after working out I’ll just get bloated and a bunch of gas.

Admirinng the hard work yyou put into your site and detailed information you present.

It’s nice to come across a blog egery once in a while that isn’t the
same old rehashed material. Great read! I’ve saved your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Gookgle

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