Amazing 3D simulations of science in silico

Posted on: August 19, 2007

Computer simulations and visualizations are performing the thought experiments of the 21st century and pushing the limits of human vision and imagination. In silico simulations are probably future of many complex biological experiments.

Hat tip to  reasonable deviations blog.

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4 Responses to "Amazing 3D simulations of science in silico"

Glad that you enjoyed the animation. You might also enjoy this talk:

which is about mlecular dynamics, computational chemistry, computational drug design and so on. BTW, in your post above, you linked to my collection of “systems biology” posts, not to the blog itself (dunno if it was intentional, but anyways, it’s pretty much irrelevant).


Thanks Rod. Corrected the link to your site, sorry was unintentional.

[…] Biosingularity, from Seed Magazine’s YouTube […]

Thanks for posting that video. It was really quite interesting. I’ve been working on molecular dynamics simulations of HIV-1 Reverse Trancriptase in order to better understand flexibility and formation of the allosteric binding pocket for an honours project. Watching this, specifically the ribozyme function, I see MD being used on a much larger scale. Its fascinating.

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