Stealthy Nanoparticles Attack Cancer Cells

Posted on: November 5, 2009

In a small manufacturing space on a Cambridge, MA, street dotted with biotech companies, Greg Troiano tinkers with a series of gleaming metal vats interweaved with plastic tubes. The vats are designed to violently shake a mix of chemicals into precise nanostructures, and Troiano’s task, as head of process development at start-up BIND Biosciences, is to make kilograms of the stuff–a novel drug-infused nanoparticle. The company hopes the new drug-delivery system will diminish the side effects of chemotherapy while increasing its effectiveness in killing cancer.

via Technology Review: Stealthy Nanoparticles Attack Cancer Cells.

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[...] Stealthy Nanoparticles Attack Cancer Cells ( [...]

[...] Stealthy Nanoparticles Attack Cancer Cells ( [...]

[...] Stealthy Nanoparticles Attack Cancer Cells ( [...]

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