Niacin Tops Zetia in Cutting Artery Plaque

Posted on: November 16, 2009

A prescription version of niacin beat out a blockbuster cholesterol-lowering drug in slowing the buildup of plaque in artery walls, researchers report.The study pitted extended-release niacin, sold as Niaspan, which works by boosting levels of HDL “good” cholesterol, against ezetimibe. Ezetimibe, sold as  Zetia, lowers levels of LDL “bad” cholesterol.The findings are the second recent setback for Zetia. Last year, another study showed that Vytorin, a combination of Zetia and Zocor, worked no better than Zocor alone.

via Niacin Tops Zetia in Cutting Artery Plaque.

1 Response to "Niacin Tops Zetia in Cutting Artery Plaque"

Hi my husband was given Plavix for two blocked arteries on the back of his heart. Can he take Niacin instead. I am scared of Plavix, bleeding, etc have been reading of its dangers.

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