Detecting whether a heart attack has occurred

Posted on: March 13, 2011

During about 30 percent of all heart attacks, the patient experiences no symptoms. However, unmistakable signs of the attack remain in the bloodstream for days. MIT researchers, working with Massachusetts General Hospital’s Cardiovascular Research Center, have now designed a tiny implant that can detect those signs, which could help doctors more rapidly determine whether a patient has had a heart attack.

In a study of mice, the team showed that the new implants can detect three proteins whose levels spike after a heart attack. Such devices could be used to monitor patients who are at high risk of heart attack, allowing doctors to respond more quickly if an attack occurs, preventing more severe heart disease from developing.

via Detecting whether a heart attack has occurred.

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[…] Aici se dau informatii despre un implant care va fi curind disponibil si care identifica si semnaleaza apritia IMA, stiut fiind ca circa 30% dintre infarcte sint asimptomatice.   […]

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