‘Brake gene’ turned off in pancreatic cancer

Posted on: April 30, 2012

Aggressive pancreatic tumours may be treatable with a new class of drugs, according to Cancer Research UK

Less than one in five people with this form of cancer are still alive a year after being diagnosed.

A study, published in the journal Nature, showed that a gene was being switched off in the cancerous cells.

The reseachers said drugs were already being tested which had the potential to turn the gene back on, to stop the spread of the cancer.

Pancreatic tumour

via BBC News – ‘Brake gene’ turned off in pancreatic cancer.

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1 Response to "‘Brake gene’ turned off in pancreatic cancer"

Our town has a gallant friend who may now be losing an uncharacterically very long battle with pancreatic cancer, with several remisions over a decade. I will read farther into this gene control info. Of related interest re gene controls – the PhD work of Christof Kock, chief scientist at the Paul Allen Institute for Brain Science, was about the blue light spectrum turning off a gene that’s connected with violent behavior. And research at Rennsaeler University has demonstrated that the blue light spectrum is effective therapy for lifting symptoms of depression & bi-polar disorder. Different light color spectrums have different quantifiable effects on growth in horticulture. Please keep an eye open for more in this interest-cluster. Thank you for your posts, Derya Unutmaz.

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