About Biosingularity

The convergence of biology with nanotechnology and information technologies will soon create an unprecendent ability to understand and manipulate biological systems.  I  coined the term Biosingularity to define a time when we will be able to engineer new biological systems and have complete molecular control in manipulating existing life forms.

As we approach biosingularity, we will first greatly reduced most chronic cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, infectious diseases and cancer, which will extend average human life to about 100.I anticipate we could achieve this goal, roughly within the next 25 years around 2040.

The next stage, which is to stop and reverse human aging process, and is a much challenging problem. In order to overcome this challenge we will need to have advanced to biosingularity age, which I predict will happen around or before 2050. This tremendous technological and analytical power will allow us to to reengineer any biological systems at large scale, essentially upgrading it to a new version, which some call Human 2.0. This technological power will allow us not only reverse the aging process but also amplify our intelligence and capabilities to unimaginable levels.

I started this blog to chronicle the remarkable advances in biological systems and hopefully also to provide a conceptual framework to discuss reverse engineering biological systems and its profound ramifications for the future of humanity.

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[…] Happened upon an interesting blog today (it was on the WordPress “Hot Blogs” list) called Biosingularity. From the author’s About page: The convergence of biology with nanotechnology and information technologies will soon create an unprecendent ability to understand and manipulate biological systems. I have coined the term Biosingularity to define a time when we will be able to engineer new biological systems and have complete molecular control in manipulating existing life forms. […]

hey, stumbled across your blog recently, and it’s absolutely wonderful – exciting and informative stuff. just wanted to thank you for your excellent data-churning work!


nice blog, even if a little bit utopic. I wonder how you estimate to “eliminate most chronic cardiovascular, infectious diseases and cancer … by 2030 – 2040”. Doing cancer research I really hope it, but more realistically it’ll take longer. Now the best drugs developed in the field of molecular medicine, that is various monoclonal antibodies, prolong cancer patients life of few months. Probably in the next decades, cancer vaccines will arrive on the clinic, but judging from the research on animal models, this treatment will prolong cancer patients life of few years. This is my personal opinion.

its good

Great site; I spend a lot of energy on health and find your site to be a great source of info.

Regarding Fernando’s comment on cancer, there are several nanotechnology approaches for cancer that have been apparently quite successful on mice and are slated to begin human trials this year. I would think cancer is likely to be curable in most cases within 10 years.

Great read.

I would like to use your movie on HIV replication in some of my HIV/AIDS lectures.
The use will be for educational purposes only and I will credit you as an author.
If you agree, please send me a copy of the file to incorporate it in my lecture.
Thanks in advance for your attention to my request
Salvador Alvarez, MD

Your HIV video is absolutely fantastic….what a great website….you
are doing a very nice job…keep up the good work….it really has helped my understanding of complex subjects. Thank you very much.

Allan M. Malkasian
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
and Amateur Science Student

I believe that we will live FOREVER one day. I know it sounds a bit stupid, but considering the advances in cloning and stem cells, it won’t be long when we could culture and grow tissues in the lab. Supposing a man has a damaged kidney or an ischemic heart tissue, just inject the stem cells, they will home-in, and presto! Say, after 10 years, another organ fails; then cut it off and replace with its clone. NO ORGAN REJECTION!Moreover, nanobots, brainbow (technique for mapping the neural circuitry),PET,fMRI and various other biomedical devices will help us explore the human physiology.

We live until we die (may be from asteroid impact, nuclear mishap, expansion of the sun and engulfing earth in intense heat etc.) If you consider Kurzweil or Moore’s law (number of transistors on a chip will double every 2 years), they also, in some way hint that nothing is sacrosanct in science.

I’m new to the whole transhumanism ideology–not myself a follower, just an intrigued observer. That being said, your site is several flavors of awesome all rolled into one. I’ll be keeping tabs on you.

Your “Biosingularity” definition it’s a sharp vision. Nice! As you know, to master each molecular gear you need first to know how it works within the whole organism. My vision is that new developments in genetic engineering field will branch new applications for reporter genes, not necessarily confined to report transcriptional regulation. The “new” functional reportergenomic discipline will be eventually useful to gain biosingularity. I chronicle remarkable advances of “reportergenomics” in my blog

say this is a great site. I use to work for durk pearson and sandy shaw of life extention fame, so i am aware of a lot of what you have to say. however you have a great deal of what i did not know and I am very grateful for your blog. will be reading your every day before I read any other blog. Keep up the great work.

do not know what you mean? see a word missing. pr

Looking for some information on cardiac stem cells I found this blog. I was amazed at the
number of interesting topics covered. I am a bit hesitant about accepting the Utopian
visions of the future but that does not matter. I expect to be a frequent visitor. Keep up
the good work!

I’m still waiting for more applications of jellyfish biotechnology ^_^

From now on I will use the term Biosingularity coined by you. I think an important aspect of Biosingularity payed to little attention to is synthetic biology. Ex. producing milk with bacteria instead of cows.


I just have a quick question for you but couldn’t find an email so had to resort to this. I am a progressive blogger on senior issues. Please email me back at when you get a chance. Thanks.



I am a Peer Education Coordinator at the California Medical Facility, and I am in need of newer HIV material.

Do you sell any of the videos such as HIV replication?

N. DeFilippis, RN, BSN

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